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Watching Inspirational Movies at Church

Growing up, I was a preacher’s kid. Because my dad was the pastor of a church, I rarely ever missed a service. On a few occasions, we watched films with a religious theme at my place of worship. I always looked forward to these events. As a child, watching movies at church provided a break from the usual choir singing and preaching. Viewing religious films was also extremely educational, enjoyable, and uplifting. After watching an inspirational movie, my mood usually improved immediately. On this blog, I hope you will discover the benefits of watching religious films as well as reading about spirituality and doing other things to find inspiration. Enjoy!

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Are You A Sunday School Teacher?

If you are a Sunday school teacher to the youth at your place of worship, you are more than likely always looking for ways to make your lessons more interesting. From buying Bible maps to helping your students understand the teachings behind Bible stories, here are some ideas that might help you.

Buy Assorted Bible Maps

One thing that might stand in the way of your Sunday school students understanding the Old Testament and the New Testament is the fact that they don't quite get the logistics of the places they read about. One way to remedy that is to display Bible maps and to refer to them as you are teaching. You can even purchase the Bible maps you want while you're sitting at your computer. The maps you want to use as lesson aids will be delivered right to your front door.

The good thing is that they'll arrive in a timely manner, too. For example, maybe you will soon be teaching about the tempest at the Sea of Galilee. No problem; a Bible map that includes that part of the geography of the New Testament will be delivered rapidly. Bible maps are so affordable that you can get several of them. For instance, maybe you want one that deals solely with the Empire of David and Solomon. Perhaps you will be studying about Saul. In both cases, you can order maps that show the locations where events happened. 

​Make Bible Characters Real

Characters in the Old Testament and the New Testament lived so long ago that it is probably hard for your young students to relate to them. Help the characters in the Bible stories come alive by teaching your students the background of their lives.

For example, maybe you will be teaching about Esther of the Old Testament. Help your students understand that the Jews were not an accepted group of people in the kingdom at that time. That will help your students better understand how courageous Esther was when she went to the king to seek help for her own people. 

Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son, Isaac, will surely seem like an abomination to your students. Helping them to understand that that type of sacrifice was not uncommon will help them to understand how Abraham accepted this charge from God. They will also learn about the obedience that both Abraham and Isaac displayed in their different roles. Perhaps that will help them to better obey their own parents and the commandments that are found in the scriptures.